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Winter is coming


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In my game it has turned September and I'm really curious how winter is going to turn out.

Now I may be a bit over-prepared with some 25 crock pots of hearty meals in storage plus an ample supply of grains for porridge but no point in taking risks! 😃

I just saw mention of greenhouses somewhere here. I didn't know this was a thing. It doesn't seem to be mentioned ingame at all...

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I had the exact same experience yesterday.


I spent some time searching the discord and testing in creative and what I found (havn't had time to confirm all the details) is that a greenhouse will raise the temperature for crops by 5C, a greenhouse is a fully closed off area (slabs, whole blocks only, doors are fine?) with a maximum (internal?) dimension of 7x7x7 where some of the ceiling has to be glass. Glass slabs are valid sometimes, but can cause issues depending on orientation.

Using chiseled blocks anywhere within or on the walls apparently breaks it.


Edit- Oh and it takes a few ingame hours to apply the effect when it is valid, makes it really tricky to figure out if it's good or not.

Edit 2 - removed some inaccuracies, see posts below

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What Feone says sounds generally correct, I'd just point out specifically that path blocks under the walls/doors will also break it, as they are not a full block.   Farmland however, on the most recent version, is ok, because it has been coded as a special exception.

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I did some additional testing, apparently 50% glass isn't needed, I don't know what it takes exactly but it appears to only count ceiling blocks and less than 50% of the ceiling as glass is ok.

Glass slabs are also finnicky, depending on their orientation they may or may not count even if visually the area is fully closed.


Would recommend just building your  design in creative mode and time-skipping / tweaking until it works before making it in survival.

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Also related: The almighty storage cellar.

While doors do have a minor benefit, using trapdoors in place of a door has a bigger one.
(the wiki page on that has been outdated for a long time)

It's only another 5% but it's definitely worth a few planks and sticks.

vintagestory 2020-08-21 15-12-46.jpg

vintagestory 2020-08-21 15-12-59.jpg

vintagestory 2020-08-21 15-12-24.jpg

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