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Just more ways to store specific items.


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I'm not necessarily saying the ability to slap down everything on the ground, I more of mean more elegant vessels/structures that serve this purpose.
Some examples I had in mind are:
Grain-sacks/a Silo of some sort.
A rack to hold larger quantities of sticks.
A "water tower" or other form of mass liquid storage for holding things like brine or honey for future usage and the like.
The ability to atleast leave linen bags in a stack on the ground/in a cart (assuming there may be carts in future updates, I wouldn't know.)

Those are just some ideas I had, anyone else have any ideas like this?

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I totally agree with this. I think general storage makes things more difficult to find. If for example if everything in your house was stored in cardboard boxes, even if you put those cardboard boxes in different places and are careful on what you put where. You'll eventually forget what cardboard boxes hold what. If on the other hand you had a shoe rack, closet, mail file, tool box, etc, you'll know where to look and where not to look to find things.

Some related threads asking, proposing, or discussing various storage solutions.










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