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Stone Storage

Donald Kent

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Time ago I proposed to introduce sacks to store bulk goods like seeds, stones, ore nuggets, coal and so on. 

Sacks could hold multiple stacks of the same item and then piled. 

For example, if we consider 4 sacks for a block space and 4 stacks for sack we can have the same storage space of a chest.

I should add that I've never made a linen sack because backpacks are easier to make during the early game and also more capacious therefore I suppose that they can be more useful as an advanced storage system. 

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I really want to support this discussion topic by describing some possible specs/solutions.

In particular I have two favorite solutions that could easily coexist (without further preference, except the point that 1. is probably faster/easier to implement)

1. Linen stacks are stackable when empty (lets say up to 16) and are placeable/pickable on the ground when full (same mechanics as beehives). A placed linen sack should occupy 1/4 blocks as Yukihira suggested (0,5 x 0,5 x 1,0), per default oriented like 1/4 block pillars. In this orientation it should be easy to pick them up, but it should not be allowed to place other blocks on top of them.

2. Dropped items of an irregular "rounded" shape (ore chunks, coal, stones, nuggets, etc.) will add to a loose irregular pyramidal "pile-of" (multi-block) structure of given type with a constant 36° angle of slope (2/5 block height for each block width, means a pile of 2 block height has a with of 5 blocks). The area of the pile grows with the number piled items the (8 items covering each block, times 8 for nuggets). The length of piles can of course become greater than the width, forming kind of rampart. Solid structures should be able to stabilize the side of a pile, forming a kind of bank. Getting items from a pile means "digging" block by block, causing loose material to slide. This could be part of general block physics where (uncompressed) sand, gravel, and soil would behave the same way. This could also be part of world generation, forming talus slopes and crees.

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