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Aura Fury 1.16.1 Server 10 Years of Gaming Together! Join now! discord.gg/aurafury


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  • EconBrony changed the title to New 1.14.7 Server (Mature Community) (Aura Fury)
On 1/17/2021 at 10:36 PM, EconBrony said:

@Nolonger Matters we are lightly modded, main quality of life and decorative mods. The list of mods is in the initial post if want to look them up. Our server setting are vanilla PVE except we have 28 day long months due to the server always having players on and the 2nd mode of the propick is turned on. Everything else is default. Our community rules can be found at: https://aurafurygaming.com/index.php/community-server-rules

Thank you, only just saw this, joined a few days ago

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I applied on your website, but here I can explain what i'm interested in doing!
Looking for a group of players I can join, a town more or less. I am an experienced builder, built on minecraft for 10 years (so ten years of experience behind my belt) and also been playing vintage story and consider myself a veteran, i know all the ins and outs!

Screenshots of my builds (Of course they are WIP): 







Hit me up on discord if you are interested in me on joining your group/town (lockdown has gotten me very bored) 

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our Vintage Story server now has twitch integration for streamers. Streamers can chat directly to their stream using the in game chat and the streamer chat shows up in stream. The chat only shows for those who join your group on the server and want to be involved in the stream chat. The general server chat is still separate (and integrated with the discord). Special thanks to Nikki for setting this up for us :)

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@Rhyagelle still the same world, we dont reset worlds unless there are bugs or no one playing on them and we still the busiest server. Aura Fury server worlds can go for years. When we have enough players looking for a new world we will just start a second VS server

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  • EconBrony changed the title to New 1.14.8 Server (Mature Community) (Aura Fury)

AuraFury was the first Vintage Story server I've played on.  I just want to say that it's really amazing to see a community of adults enjoying this unique game.  I'm 42, and a large amount of the community seems to be in their late 20's, early 30's.  Its refreshing to have a relax chat, and easy going atmosphere.  Dad jokes, great online map, lots of roads and infrastructure.  Great times!

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  • EconBrony changed the title to Aura Fury 1.16.1 Server 10 Years of Gaming Together! Join now! discord.gg/aurafury

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