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You should be able to host a free server for up to 4 friends quickly and easily.

The server could be connected via a launcher regardless of which internet server service friend is using.
For example:

  • There should be an "Add Friend" option in the main game menu where you would add your friends.
  • After that there should be a “Host free server” option where you could invite friends (up to 4 friends) to join our server.

The free server could exclusively be a Vanilla server and would serve for those who do not want to play on public servers but independently with their friends.

Such an example of a server stands for example in the game "The Forest" where up to 8 friends can connect via steam and play survival together.

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Are you sure that The Forest is actually giving you a free server - and not just facilitating letting other people log into someone's local world? Steam's remote play together functionality explicitly exists to link Steam players together without the need for a third-party service or platform. For example, it allows games that only support LAN multiplayer can be played together over the internet.

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I don't know about the server thing in forest but I know there are a number of games primarily on systems like xbox and playstation where people can join a game like say minecraft without the need of a server and be able to play together.

implementing something similar to this or like the forest on steam would be nice even if it's something to come out once the game is actually on steam to take advantage of that functionality.

I do however believe this is simply allowing other people to join your local world and is tethered to the host. not literally tethered I hate how arc you get tethered and can't explore without going together unable to split up. 

but tethered in the since that it's primarily stable based on the "host" internet connection and system.

if the "host" person the local game belongs to logs off or losing connection or power or something everyone is kicked out of the "server" and have to wait for the "host" to relaunch and get the game going again.

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