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zeljko samardzija

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2 hours ago, zeljko samardzija said:

i have purchased the game but  still not recived game key so i can download it, just wandering how long it usually takes

It should be more or less immediate I think.  Check your spam folder, it often gets put there.   If it's not there either, use the support button at top right of webpage to make a support ticket.

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I have checked all folders (including spam, even though the first 2 emails were ok).

The phone app says payment was made to WWW.VINTAGESTORY.AT 22/04/2022 for £28 and confirmed by me through PIN Sentry at 22/04/2022 15:28

No confirmation email, or game key.

I though this was a "support ticket" as I used the "Get Support" button to type this in the first place. Is there something I should be doing instead?

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