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  1. Well thanks for the info, it's a quality of life that could easily be in the game and would improve a lot of hastle just to decorate my house.
  2. As i was decorating my house chiseling blocks with mixtures in-between, it annoyed me a little bit that i have to place down 2 different blocks on the ground then make them into chiseled blocks and mixing them together. Is there a easier way to do this? Is there a way i can make them into chiseled blocks from the inventory?
  3. Then, was the message and the happenings a hicup from my machine? then i'll double down on the mods even though i have like 10 and they're pretty light. I have acient tools, carry capacity, sexy swords, creepless, flint chisel, cobbledrop, necessaries, better poultice, hud clock and YEET.
  4. When i was playing yesterday, My internet was having a seizure and the result was: I wasn't able to pickup items, couldn't open inventory nor chests, could break blocks but wouldn't drop items and a message on the top-right corner saying that the host was disconnected. (Couldn't see much of the message because the map was blocking some of the message) But after a while it turned back to normal and was teleported at my house's doorstep and the message disapeared.
  5. Hi! I've already discussed this before, some time ago but it's important nonetheless. It's kinda irritating that the singleplayer has to be played in a server. Cause if my internet is weak or no internet my world doesn't work properly. I understand that if you want you can invite a player to your world, and for that you need a server to support 2 IPs. But wouldn't it be better if you could make a world in the multiplayer tab and it runs like a server and the sigleplayer runs like a minecraft sigleplayer? Idk, but i came here to express my frustrations with this. PS: I love the game btw! I'm only complaining about this cause i love the game.
  6. I mean, when you look at this game at first you think of minecraft because of the blocks. That's how i came to know of this game (also because i'm waiting for Hytale) How did you come to know of this game? I'm pretty interested...
  7. I think it's a simple SHIFT+RIGHTCLICK.
  8. Really? i tried putting spelt there but it didn't work? maybe i did wrong. Thanks!
  9. Yeah i did, but don't i need motors and other parts? Like Axles but i'm kinda dum. Also Thank you!! for the pointer!
  10. So i wanted to grind my spelt to make bread, and i noticed i had to make a machine. Thing is i don't know what parts are needed and how to build it. Alternatively are there any mods that i can grind by hand with grinding bowls? You know, those bowls to grind flour.
  11. I agree, it feels like there's too much land and almost no oceans. Lakes are only places where i've seen water. But AWESOME update tho!!
  12. I was on my creative world and it striked me that it doesnt have inventory but once you switch back to survival all the excessive items that i picked end there and i don't want to switch to survival just because the glass got pushed there. So i think it would be cool if it had the inventory on creative. Of course i don't want to compare this to minecraft, but this is something convinient that would make a great addition to builders.
  13. You can start from zero with a seed, but i doubt it'll do anything regarding the resorces. Either you cheat and go to the creative and get chalk from there or you generate a new world or you travel miles and miles to find chalk in your world.
  14. Michaloid


    Night? How so? drifters come at night, and they are a pain in the butt.
  15. Michaloid


    Thank god we can't drown.
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