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Bismuth Bronze Recipe

tony Liberatto

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As Copper is the most abundant ore, I always try to maximize it in the recipe.

The Wiki says:

Bismuth bronze: 50-70% copper, 20-30% zinc and 10-20% bismuth

When I add 7 Copper Ores, 2 Sphalerite/Zinc Ores and 1 Bismuth ore, the recipe does not work. 

It works fine if I maximize the amounts of Zinc and Bismuth. So with 50% Copper, 30% Zinc and 20% Bismuth.

But with 50% Copper, 20% Zinc and 10% Bismuth it does not work.



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Looks like The Bismuth Bronze was not the only one.

For Black Bronze: The recipe states max ratio of copper at 90% but needs a minimum of 8% of silver and 8% of gold, so the maximum copper should be 84%, not 90%. Just to fix the math, also the minimum copper should be 68%, not 70&. to accommodate for the 16% gold plus 16% silver equals 32%, hence copper at 68%.


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I can't wrap my head around this atm, need to work. But the game assets say 0.7-0.9 for copper, 0.08-0.16 for other components. So at least copper 68% would not work, the game doesn't allow copper ratio below 0.7. Also the Wiki was already updated after discord discussion and the upper copper limit was fixed to 84%, which might not be fully correct and at least contradicts game assets. this is a bit disturbing.

[Update]: currently being discussed in Discord, hopefully will have both a decision for current release and a fix for the future one.

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