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Additional Metal Alloys

Cameron Textor

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@Tyron - Here is a list of some other metal alloys that should be able to be made in the game from the current metals in the game. If anyone can think of other alloys, please list them in your replies so i can add them later.

I suggest adding a feature that would allow metal to be melted down in a crucible and poured from the crucible into water to create metal trimmings / beads from rapidly cooling the metal to make it easier to get the proper formula for the alloys by weight by using the beads / trimmings by percentage that would need to be melted down. 

Formulas by percentage are using periodic table names for metals.

Ag = Silver
Au = Gold
Cu = Copper
Ni = Nickel
Ge = Germanium

Silver Alloy List

Argentium Silver - 92.5% Ag, 6.3% Cu, 1.2% Ge
Britannia Silver - 95.8% Ag, 4.2% Cu
Sterling Silver - 92.5% Ag 7.5% Cu
Jewelry Silver - 80% Ag, 20% Cu

Colored Gold List

White Gold - 90% Au, 10% Ni
18K yellow gold - 75% Au, 12.5% Cu, 12.5% Ag
18K yellow (darker) gold - 75% Au, 15% Cu, 10% Ag
18K red gold - 75% Au, 25% Cu
18K rose gold - 75% Au, 22.25% Cu, 2.75% Ag
18K pink gold - 75% Au, 20% Cu, 5% Ag
12K red gold - 50% Au and 50% Cu
Green gold / Electrum - Name for any naturally formed alloy mixture of Au and Ag, usually 50% Au, 50% Ag.

Aluminum would have to be added to the game later (which would require the game to have an electrical age to use electroplating to extract it from bauxite) to make Nordic Gold and Spangold and many other alloys that use aluminum.

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