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1.14.0: small list of small issues


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The following are small things I noticed when trying out 1.14 for the first time, using the 1.14.0 stable release. Since most of these are really tiny and can be rolled into any future release, I decided to collect them all in one place.

  • When clicking the randomize button in the character apprearance customization dialog, the underwear option changes on the model displayed in the middle, but the dropdown menu for underwear does not update to reflect that fact.
  • The "show clothed" button in the character apprearance customization dialog doesn't actually do anything unless the player manually switches to the class selector and then back to appearance. Potential solutions: 1.) default to Commoner clothes; 2.) pop up the class selector first, appearance customization second; 3.) remove the "show clothed" button.
  • The Hunter's "Resourceful" trait mentions "+10% animal harvesting time" as a perk. But wait, that's not a perk at all, if it takes longer! In order to reflect what this actually does, the wording should probably be changed to "+10% animal harvesting speed".
  • The Clockmaker's "Technical" trait's description should probably have "temporal gear" written out fully instead of reading "t.gear", which is confusing. There is enough room for the full text, so there's no reason to use an abbreviation.
  • Sometimes when creating a new world, the player character spawns in with a body temperature of 31°C, and immediately starts freezing and taking damage while the character customization screen is still open. Other times when generating a world with the exact same settings, the player character starts with a body temperature of above 37°C and does not freeze even while standing naked and toying with the character creator for a while. I was unable to consistently reproduce this; it happened 2-3 times when using the default settings of spawning in a temperate zone, but never when I manually adjusted it to a warm zone, and never when going back to temperate afterwards. I generated about 5-6 worlds using the standard preset in each instance.
  • With a grace period of 1 day set, monsters can spawn after midnight during the first night, with several hours of nighttime still to go. This is awkward, as the player's expectation for this setting is "I have one night without monsters". Monster spawn allowance should probably be shifted to 07:30 in the morning (as world creation is 08:00).
  • The new "random respawn" feature of Wilderness Survival mode is not player-visible in any way. This is confusing and has already led to false bug reports.
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I see now that when mousing over Wilderness Survival, there is "spawn radius: 5000 blocks" in the list. Is that new in 1.14.1/2? I don't recall it from 1.14.0, when I wrote this list. Or maybe I'm just blind :P

Anyway: renaming this into "Random respawn radius: 5000 blocks" sounds like a good start. Since "surface copper deposit frequency" is fully written out and even longer, there should be no issue with text length. The player would still have to actually read through the whole box, but at least it's there.

Further ideas: offer it as a custom config option. The playstyles feel like option presets; and to me, it is a bit odd that one of them suddenly has a unique setting active by default that isn't accessible for configuring through any means. I mean, maybe my perception is at fault here, but at least I think that none of the others have unique features... or do they? How would I find out?

Additionally, the list of playstyles looks like it has ample room in it. You could expand each playtyle's box from one descriptive line of text to two. The first line could remain exactly like it is now, while the second could say things like "Features respawning in random locations, harsh winters, stronger monsters, and a weaker player character" for Wilderness Survival for instance. And similar key points for the others.

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