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Start freezing to death


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So, I created a new world to experience the 1.14 update at it's best and I started dying from cold temps, as if I was without clothes. And I had set that my freezing point would be bellow -5C and yet I was freezing above 6-10C I traveled far and I was still dying from cold even tho It was 15-20C. So I created a new world with the same seed (cus I like it) and the same thing freezing to death so I restarted the wolrd and for my surprise I was fine, I was no longr dying from coldnes nor freezing. So I don't really know if this is a bug but it seems to be. thanks in advance. If this is related to seed this was my seed:  (but I doubt it). And again, thanks.






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It shouldn't have to do with the seed as that only is the origin of everything RNG based.

But what you posted isn't the seed either, it's your world settings.


From the two pictures at the bottom i see before reloading GPU had a much higher workload and the game used 20% more memory, maybe it's a lagg issue? I think I've seen reports that while you do character customisation the char seems consider to be naked and can already start freezing to death. Maybe your game didn't register the change in clothes until you saved and reloaded?

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It's got nothing to do with spending time in the character creation process, no. I experienced the same thing and tried to track it down. You start freezing literally the second you appear in the world, and if you close the character screen instantly and check your body temperature, it will be 31°C.

Whereas other times when you spawn, you can stand there for 2-3 minutes configuring your character in 0°C outside temperature, and then check your body temperature and it will still be 37°C.

When this issue happens, you spawn with way too little body temperature for some reason. It's not something the environment does to you. Not unless the server spawns you the night before and then fast-forwards through it, but only sometimes, not always. Which makes no sense.


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