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Method for Leading Tamed Animals


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Unless one exists and I have somehow managed to miss it entirely, we are in sore need of a way to move tame animals around. Right now, it's not too tough to move wild animals around: either get them to chase you or get them to run away from you. But once they're tame, there's no way to move them. No ropes/leads and no way to get them to follow you. This means it's actually detrimental to tame animals by too many generations, because once they trust you they won't move. Sometimes I need to move my animals to a new location, and the only way I have to do it at the moment is to move their food troughs and wait, sometimes days, for them to wander towards it. Since the game already has code for entities to follow other entities, surely that wouldn't be too hard to implement? Maybe if the player is holding grain or something, nearby tame animals will follow them?

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