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Steel age - tools mining speed / attack power


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I went through steel production process. It's not easy: you need to collect a lot of materials. Build a furnace, and if you want to minimalize repair of the furnace you should build new one as soon as you have got first steel ingot and you're able to mine Ilmenite (tier 4 pickaxe needed). Moreover the carbonisation process took a lot of time and consumes a lot of fuel (circa 3 stacks I think). That all would be perfectly fine if .....

Result (sword/pickaxe):

Durability is about twice compared to iron - thats ok.

Mining speed of pickaxe is 8,5x versus 7,5x of iron pickaxe.
Attack power of steel sword is -4,3hp versus -4,0hp of iron sword.

I really wonder if is it worth all the effort to get steel tools if raising of mining speed and attack power is about 10-15% ???

I'd expect something like that:
- mining speed of steel pickaxe 10-11x versus 7,5x of iron pickaxe;
- attack power of steel sword -6 to -8hp versus -4,0hp of iron sword;

What do you think ?

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