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There is four parts to cooking. Cutting/grinding, boiling, mixing/combining, and heating( enclosed(oven) and not enclosed cook top/grill). Let's go over how each of these would work in detail.

Each station has a list of recipes. Items are added to a station. When a recipe has been found for the combination of items a visual and sound que triggers. (This should be familiar if you have read my other suggestions or you have made a bronze alloy in game.) For instance for boiling the que might be a lid appears on top. Next an action is required. For boiling and heating that would be adding fuel. For cutting/grinding and mixing/combining that would be right clicking untill it is done. When it's done a sound will play. 

A station is made by adding a combination of items to a solid surface in a specific order. For example a boiling station would be dry grass, four logs, and last a cauldron. (Again similar to making a firepit.)

Adding recipes to a station by mods would be similar to how it currently is for grid recipes.

A example using the above stations involving making bread. Add rock salt to grinder. Right click until ground into a stack of salt. Next repeat with grain to get flour. Add 8 flour 1 salt and a bucket of water to the mixer. Right click until it has formed dough. A empty water bucket should have popped out while mixing. Next take the dough and add it to the oven. Add wood to the oven and wait till bread has formed.

The benefit of cooking is increased saturation and hp regen. As you cook you will level unlocking more recipes such as raisin cinnamon bread. These recipes offer additional regen. To view recipes you know check a cook book which list the recipes you know.

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I like the idea, I think it could be implemented in steps to ease up the coding.

First things are the implements:

Clay Cauldron ( Can Upgrade later on in-game to cast iron ). I think the cauldron could work exactly the same as today we have the crucible. just put it in the firepit. Clicking will open it's grid so we can add food ingredients. To make easy on code we can have for starters a meat soup, add meat and 3 different vegetables. The output is the same regardless of ingredients.

Later on we can worry about having specific recipes.

The log wooden pestle as suggested here .  It is a very basic way to grind grain.Later on, we can have mills moved by water, wind or animal.

The Oven. It is a stone age invention and a must. One of the advantages of the oven is its capacity to cook several items at the same time. Not sure if we should have the same oven to server as a Kiln or have a bigger version exclusively for that. In my mind, an oven is an oven.



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