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New Tool: The Adze, 2 new items, the dugout canoe and the log wooden pestle.

tony Liberatto

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One of the things the I absolutely loved about VS is the realism and immersion that I feel when knapping and creating molds with clay. I really hope the game can progress in the same manner to other areas.

Thinking of that I would like to propose a new Tool: The Adze. It is an ancient tool, since the stone age.

How it works: To make a dugout canoe: lay down a log horizontally, right click with the adze to bring up the carving mode, press F to change how many pixels to remove, keep carving till the canoe is done.

To make the Log wooden pestle: put a log down vertically and right click with the Adze. Carve until done. The wooden pestle can be used to grind grains to make bread. Another use for the pestle would be to ground ingredients into dyes.

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There have definitely been times when I wished we had a boat right now.  Even without oceans some really large lakes do form.  I wonder if it could be done with two logs end to end, hollowing both, so it has some length like a canoe?  I always hated the original MC rub-a-dub-dub boat.

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