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Post-Christmas Patch (v1.14.3-rc.2)


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Dear Festive Community
v1.14.3-rc.2, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.


Game updates

  • Feature: Auto-hide the interaction help near the cursor so it doesn't get in the way when clay forming and knapping
  • Feature: Added Rough-hewn Gate block
  • Tweak: Cementation furnace improvements
    • Can now be built in all 4 orientations
    • Now verifies if there are air blocks around the coffins (and either air blocks or gratings in the chimney)
    • Placing Stone Coffin Sections will auto-orient the second section to match the first (unless the player is holding Sneak while placing)
    • Now only consumes 1/6 of the carbonising material (the coal in the coffin)
    • Improved message strings when filling coffin for Cementation Process
    • Completed Cementation Process now renders contents to reflect completion
    • Stone coffin contents now drop as single items when broken
  • Tweak: Layer of Sticks can now be placed atop of Rough-hewn Fence and other full-height partial blocks
  • Tweak: Smooth background movement in the main menu
  • Tweak: Reduced the baby chick sound range
  • Fixed: NPE when building a coalpile
  • Fixed: Transmission was rendered rotating when next to any powered MP block even if no direct connection
  • Fixed: Heat damaged crop not displayed as text in the farmland block info
  • Fixed: Might fix cheese ripening issues in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Z-clipping issues in pngs generated by .blockitempngexport
  • Fixed: Should fix issues where chiseled blocks don't stack together properly (place and break them to fix existing ones)
  • Fixed: Should fix comma seperator issues with .bsedit
  • Fixed: Should fix shift-crafting boards from logs yielding more than it should
  • Fixed: Uncommon axle error in logs, due to axle neighbour in non-initialised chunk
  • v1.14.3-rc.1 related improvements
    • Tweak: Further polish to Steelmaking guide
    • Fixed: Added missing remap for stonepaths
    • Fixed: Mold rack not updating visibly after placing
    • Fixed: Firepit contents not visually updating
    • Fixed: All seraph hair invisible
    • Fixed: Ruins spawning without stone paths 
  • Api fixed: BlockBehavior.ClientSideOptional not marked virtual


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