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Mod Request/Commission: Expanded Stoves

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Greetings all,

I'm looking for someone or someones to implement a relatively small mod to improve cooking in game. It's not a list of recipes, but two models that can be placed in the world, minimal animations similar to what already exists in the game, and meant for late game. I'm willing to commission this work, open to negotiation. 

I was thinking that the campfire/fire pit was kinda out of place in late game builds and with the new iron/steel and temperature systems in the base game; Someone with enough skills could be the first to expand upon it in a useful and unobtrusive way.

I was thinking about adding two types of stoves. A mid game stove like a cast iron Potbelly stove, and a late game steel Franklin stove. A lot of the code can be borrowed from already existing code in the game. For instance the stove door open/close can use the smooth open and close of chests that came with the latest update. Smoke from the stove can be funneled through custom pipe segments using the checks and code used for chutes. Campfire can be added inside. The smoke output logic can save on performance by simply being animated at the last pipe section however long or short the player makes it. Incorporate a combination of straight, 90 degree angle, and 45 degree angle stove pipe to direct the smoke out. Maybe even a pass-through block for stove pipe to pass through walls without an air gap around it.

The potbelly stove would have only single burner placement similar to the campfire, but you gain the benefit of your fuel burning 40% slower and the area around the stove that is affected by heat is greatly increased as well. (All values are subject to balancing). This would be something for like a small cabin with a interior floor space of like 15 blocks.

For late game I was thinking of a large steel Franklin stove with 6 burners for six pots, fuel burns 60% slower, and heats an ever greater area. Also with the Franklin stove you can bake bread in the oven and cook pots on top while using the same fuel. I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with the game "The Long Dark" but the potbelly is what you find in the fishing cabins on the lake, and the Franklin stove would be like the big stove in the farm house in pleasant valley. I feel these would improve the aesthetics of late game builds and be functional and reasonable progression in the existing game. Since they are made of metal, they can have slow cool down period simulating how the metal retains the heat long after the fire is out, so a player can continue to maintain heat in their cabin for a while longer even if the fire isn't burning.

I have neither the time nor skills to do anything about this and would like to see what can be created. PM if interested.


Thanks Ferran

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It would be interesting to see this as part of a full cooking overhaul. Maybe you can't cook dough over a fire, but only in an earthen oven construct, brought to temp by fire and then used to bake. Such a thing would add another level of progression and depth, as well as adding a good deal more functionality to the Franklin stove.

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