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Panning workshop


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Hello all!

If it's possible plz help me, where is I can find files, were is panning mechanics shows. 

I thing add something to create mod and make some new on it's base.

ADD: ohh, and knapping mechanics too.

I am not so strong programmer, more sysadmin or like it, so i need to look in code and syntax


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These links have helped me out. Not much since all they've done is made me realize how little I know what I'm doing, but maybe they'll be more useful to you!



You'll probably find that stuff under the vssurvivalmod in the second link. Maybe.

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First of all - panning mechanic is bound to it’s action item - the Wooned Pan. All magic is happening in it’s code (OnInteraction* methods to be precise). So, to start making your own “craft” mechanic, you’ll have to find the starting point (trigger item/block), implement item transaction (source item => resulting item) in code of trigger item (with the corresponding character animation if needed), then decide how your mechanic will be present in jsons and patch all existing jsons, which will participate in your crafts. That’s absoutely not an easy task for a beginner.

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I understand that, so I am seeking different ways to resolve this. 

Now try to find way:

1. Random loot received/dropped.

2. Multi random loot received/dropped


And only one mechanics I see, "Panning"

May be mining, when with little chance dropped "crystals". For now I can't find json files with this...

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