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temperature and pressure


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I suggest all blocks should have temperature and liquids, gasses, and stone should have pressure. This would be a stepping stone toward emergent gameplay.

Use cases:

  • Fire control by fire not simply igniting nearby blocks but heating them up until they can catch on fire. Different burnable materials can use their hardness to determine how easy it is to ignite.
  • Stone can use it for fire setting and cracking.
  • Ice can use it for melting and cracking/breaking when players walk over it.
  • more realistic water. Water could use pressure to determine how far it flows and resists gravity making waterfalls naturally just out a ways. Water fountains could also make use of this property instead of faking it. Could be used in rivers to not only generate rivers but to also determine the output of watermills. Players placing water would then have a pressure of 1 making it useless for watermills.
  • pressurized liquids could be underground and when you uncover them they spring forth quickly filling the airspace. This would make mining more dangerous once lava and water can hurt you. The stone around such an area could also be pressurized and play a high pitched sound when trying to mine it letting you know there could be pressurized liquid on the other side. 
  • pressurized gasses. Even more dangers when mining underground. These gasses I imagine to be similar to glenn's gasses and would provide fuel for stuff. 
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Is this realistic from a processor load perspective?  Especially the temperature part.   Oxygen Not Included is a game that tracks this sort of stuff in every tile, but it's only in 2d, and yet it still bogs down the game to the point that it's the limiting factor on map size.  I guess it seems to me like potentially a lot of code and processor work, for relatively minor benefit.   If we want to have breaking of stone based on heat, just maybe have the firepit track how long it's been burning continually at a given temperature, and when it reaches a given amount, break all the stones around it or something (and destroy the firepit).  That mechanic is only going to be useful for a very small portion of the game, unless the player purposefully lives in the stone age.

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