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lan play

alex craig

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Hi @alex craig, as long as your computer with the server on it

  • doesn't have a firewall that blocks port 42420
  • & has a local ip4 address that you can find somewhere (other players need to enter that ip address manually on the multiplayer tab)

...it should work just fine. Example, when I start the server on my Windows 10 laptop, others in the LAN can join me without any issues. 

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http://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Setting_up_a_Multiplayer_Server is how one goes about starting up a server. You can start a server and play on that server using the same computer. There is no option in-game way to open up the world to others. There's also no search for server on LAN. The server is really easy to setup and another computer on the LAN just needs to enter the information in the picture once and they are good to go.


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