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Glitch Fences


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There's probably no 100% solution, but there are ways in which you can dramatically reduce the chances of this happening.

  • Embiggen your enclosure. If the animals are not cramped, they will not push each other into the fences, and generally have more places to path to that are not outside.
  • Avoid elevation changes in your fence. These tend to be the most glitch-vulnerable places even if you put extra fences to try and secure it. In general I'm a follow-the-terrain kind of builder, but I will always terraform at least the enclosure boundary to be perfectly level. Same goes for farms, by the way, to prevent rabbits from glitching inside.
  • Do not block animals from reaching filled feeding troughs. They will throw themselves into the fence with reckless abandon to get there, and then it only takes a minor ticking hiccup for them to glitch through.
  • The above rule includes not having multiple enclosures next to each other. You may want your sheep pen next to your pig pen, but when you feed the pigs the sheep will start throwing themselves into the separating fence. The feeding troughs must be far enough apart so that animals in other enclosures do not detect them.
  • Be wary of snow accumulation in winter. If you get enough snow on the ground to be lifted up at least half a block while walking, the animals will be lifted up too - and then can simply jump over the fence.

Following the above steps, I have pretty much eliminated fence glitching entirely for my singleplayer save. In over 70 hours of gameplay, I had only one instance of glicthing through fences, and that was when I screwed up the feeding trough thing.

In multiplayer, network latency is a thing, and that may make the issue worse.


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Another option to decrease the glitching through is to use lower terrain to your benefit. My core breeding animals are kept in pens two blocks deep with solid blocks making up the walls. They will occasionally glitch through fences or gates in between the pens especially during temporal storms but I've never had one glitch out of a lowered and covered pen.

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