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Did you plane a second world? Like Nether in Minecraft? What about a World like H.G.Wells 'Timemaschine'?


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Did you plane a paralel second paralell-world? Like Nether in Minecraft? What about a World like H.G.Wells 'Timemaschine'?

First you need build a Timemaschine (with lot of Temporal Gears and other seldom stuff), in the very late game. I got this idea, because drifters remind a bit of morlocks. Maybe Drifters in the Futureworld are like Morlocks it was just an idea and Villagers are 'dumb' Elois. Because Drifters remidns me on Morlocks. ;)


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A fair bit of Vintage Story is still in planning phase, so it's hard to say what exactly Tyrone is going to have for an end game, but this is an interesting idea, though I worry about it being too much like Minecraft. There's nothing wrong with Minecraft, but I'd like to see VS keep stretching itself into its own identity.

Getting back to the idea of a future world/time machine. It's an interesting idea, and I think it might be fun to see a mod for this, but as something for vanilla gameplay, it might be a tad too advanced, though that will depend on how far into industry progression it wants to go. Ideally, if it is something applied, I'd like to see some real science used in it rather than taking the overly simplistic answer of "because magic, that's why" approach. That said, I think there is going to be a kind of magical element that will be introduced at some point, and it could work its way around with it, but I like things to not have too much of an easy answer, and my general feeling is that the magic in the game would be fairly limited, so maybe not? I don't know.

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On 3/27/2021 at 9:18 AM, l33tmaan said:

I've never seen it.

When your temporal instability bottoms out and the world starts to take on a rusty color (similar to what you see in temporal storms), you are phasing into the "rust" world.  We don't know exactly what it is yet, and we can't, at this time at least, enter into it other then when our temporal stability gets too low.

Here is a link to the only comment on the Rust World in the wiki pages:
The text from that one line comment:
"The Rust World is what the player enters when their Temporal Stability drops to 0. While in this state, the player continually takes damage and drifter spawn rate is at its max."

Will there be something more to the "Rust World"? Is it a reflection of our world in some alternate universe or rust dimension of some kind that at some point we might be able to cross over to? Is the rust world simply a part of our world and we become sensitive to and aware of it when our instability is high?

Personally I hope it is some tainted and somewhat altered reflection of our own world and that the temporal instability we see blurs the lines/barrier between the two, and one day we might be able to cross over completely.

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