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Named mobs don't despawn


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A Story - Reading optional

The hunter slinks through the woods on high alert. The local farmers here have warned him of a wolf they call Long Fang that inhabits this part of the woods. It is said that Long Fang was responsible for no less than 5 deaths in the past few months. If he, the hunter, manages to take down this fearsome beast he knows it'll help bring him fame. The hunter creeps silently constantly turning his head on the look out for this fearsome beast. He stops briefly to pick some berries. These will be useful if he gets hurts. The hunter turns sharply as he hears a howl. The hunt is on!

He moves towards the source of the howl and then he hears another one that sounds much closer. The woods are dense and it's difficult to see very far due to all the leaves. Growling! Oh no! The hunter sprints to higher ground as fast as he can, pulling out his bow. It won't kill the wolf by any means but it will slow Long Fang down. Up on higher ground with a better view he sees the wolf. An arrow launches from bow toward the wolf and flies over top it's left shoulder. Not enough time to take another shot so the hunter pulls out his sword and prepares to strike the wolf as soon as it comes into range. Slash goes to the blade as it connects with the wolf. The wolf tries to bite him but the hunter manages to step backwards and to the side to avoid it. Slash goes the blade again sinking deep into the beasts flesh. The wolf takes another bite at the hunter this time managing to wound him quite badly. The hunter stabs the wolf one more time and it falls over dead. Rejoice!

Eating some of the berries the hunter collected earlier makes him feel much better. He's managed it... another growl comes from behind him. His eyes widen in terror as he turns around to see the largest wolf he's ever seen. Almost twice the size of the one he just killed! It has scars on it's face and body. The last marks left in this world by the victims it has claimed. Frantically the hunter swings his blade as what can only be the real Long Fang goes for his throat. The sword connects but so does the powerful jaws. Bones snap and blood gushes as the hunter falls lifeless on the ground below. The latest victim of Long Fang.


The Proposal

There's two parts of this proposal. Naming the mobs and leveling the mobs. I'll start with naming the mobs.

Named mobs have a name that appears above the mob just like it does for the player and they don't despawn. Mobs can be named in one of two ways. First is with a hot branding stick and the second is when they kill a player. I choose branding stick because I see no reason to lock it behind metal and it goes back to 2700 BC in Egypt where it was used to inscribe protective sigils onto the animals. Every one in awhile I hear someone's animals despawned. This would prevent that.

When mobs obtain a name from killing a player they gain a bonus that changes the mob along with the name. Such changes could be a title, scaled up model, more health, wider roaming area, increased jump height, etc. As the animal kills more and more players over time it would continue to gain bonuses definitely becoming a beast of legend. In order for this mechanic to work though the animal would need to heal over time or else it would get weaker with each battle and eventually would be trivial to finish off.

While this would make for a great story, it could be frustrating for the player who has lost their stuff and is trying to get it back. Right now materials are easy enough to get this loss wouldn't be so bad, but as more items become difficult to replace in game this would definitely anger individuals especially because fallen items have a time limit before they despawn. If items did not despawn and fell to the ground and converted into blocks, this would definitely help out and now there's a bunch of goodies temping adventures into the dangerous lands of a named beast which is exciting.

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Such levelled beasts should be clearly distinguished. So if the original player returned for the items and just run away not killing the wolf, the next player will see that the animal is more dangerous. Howling also should be distinguishable.

Maybe howling just shows that the wolf is levelled, but when you get closer, you see exactly how much levelled it is.

Instead of regenerating health wolfes can reset their health each kill they get.

Players should also have bonuses when killing a levelled wolf. In addition to more leather/meat/fat - some dungeon loot drop chance. Or 100% chance, but the quality differs with level.

Lol, I wonder if some players will intentionally level wolves around their base to keep guests away :D

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