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Item Lights v1.0.2

Taska Raine

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Item Lights

Candle, why won’t you light my path at night? You glow with fire and yet I stumble around in the darkness…


Item Lights is a mod that aims to address an odd inconsistency in Vintage Story. Unlike blocks, items cannot emit light when held in hand or tossed on the ground. This means that a lit candle won’t light up the area, while a torch will.

This mod gives items the same illumination capabilities as blocks have. Candles, Temporal Gears, and the creative Wand are now light sources with Item Lights.


For Modders

Your mods can take advantage of this system too if installed alongside Item Lights! You only need to give your item or block an attribute like this: "itemlight": [0, 0, 6]

Any byte array value that matches this graphic should work(hover to see values): http://tyron.at/vs/vslightwheel.html


Download Mod

Download the latest version of Item Lights for Vintage Story 1.16.0+: Version 1.0.2

To download previous versions of the mod or to view change logs please visit: Item Lights ModDB Page

Source code can be viewed here: Item Lights GitHub



My Other Mods

Ancient Tools: A collection of useful tools from ancient times.

Ore Crystals: Adds crystals to ore deposits along with other various crystal-based craftables!

Meteoric Expansion: Introduces streaking meteors to the Vintage Story skies. Variable danger factor.


Enjoying my mods? Please do consider supporting me on Patreon, it'd be a great help!



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