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Best New Player Mods?


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Hey friends, I just picked this game up and unfortunately I haven't found what appears to be an easy way to look through the mods. 

What SMALL quality of life mods would you recommend that myself and my friends get while still keeping most of the vanilla aspects of the game but improving the game play. we still want to play survival but we know that of course certain mods make life significantly less annoying. 


Thanks! :)

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Here are some:

HUD - displays season, temperature and time. Personally, I think this is a must have.


VSprospector info - this mod saves prospecting pickaxe reading for the area you’ve used it in via an transparent intrusive overlay on the map. Normally you have to write it down, remember somehow or use the pick multiple times. This is a must have.


Volumetric Shaders mod - I highly recommend this you can run it, it makes the game more atmospheric.


Braziers - this adds a cheap lighting solution which can be built from metal scraps which otherwise don’t have a use in game right now


Craft clothing - you may expect you can make your own cloths but you can’t so pick up this mod. Clothing is very important for cold winters if you’re playing in a temperate or northern area. 


Reduced grind 


Stackable - increases stack sizes and makes item management easier


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Makes prospecting easier. 

QOL-Tweaks: Useful-Scrap: one of the best mods. you will never play the game without it ever again. Makes scrap and surplus gears useful. 

Pemmican (continued)

This is a necessary mod. did you know WW1 field ration pemmican is still edible? For extra insanity look up the pemmican wars. 

Weaver's Weed: you want this mod. you will never have enough plant fibers unless you get this mod

Anvil Metal Recovery: this is something that should be a in the base game. This is an important mod for smithing. 

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