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crushing Lime and Borax with a hammer PROBLEM

Robert Bogucki

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maybe was a topic before but i can't find

i want start leather working but i can't crush borax or even shells with a hammer. bones too

but no problems with copper ore

Do I need any skills like with arrows processing ? Or maybe is problem with mod? I have only: Xandu XSkills and XLib

thanks for any help because i stack

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As the wiki is maintained entirely by volunteers on a whenever-they-feel-like-it basis, you may encounter outdated information, missing pages, or even certain common misconceptions on there. ;)

It's still a great resource, but it probably shouldn't be your only resource. The ingame handbook, for instance, will mention that powdered borax is "created by grinding: borax", and borax mentions that it "grinds into: powdered borax". ...Which, I admit, isn't supremely helpful to a first-timer either :P But it does give an indication that this step probably doesn't involve hitting things with a hammer. Also, searching for "grinding" in the handbook will pull up the guide entry for mechanical power, which does mention the quern.

Which, by the way, also works without a mechanical power source. The handbook isn't very clear on that either.

...There are many places where the documentation could be improved... 😓


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