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What's with room size


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There is no display whether you are inside or outside. The only thing that uses that word is "outside temperature", and that always displays outside temperature (chiefly because there's no such thing as inside temperature, there's only warmth bonuses).

You can see whether your room works or not by going into it when you have a food usage penalty due to cold weather. If the room works, that penalty should be removed, and come back once you move back outside.

(Season, weather, temperature, and related mechanics are not in their final form yet.)

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4 hours ago, l33tmaan said:

Don't they operate off the same detection system, though?

I built a Greenhouse since winter slapped harder than I had expected and it works with the help of that post with screenshots. But the rooms seem to be buggy af, even just sitting still the debuff comes and goes as the blocks update every few seconds... I hope I'll survive winter after all

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