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Seal Barrels without making barrel recipe


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Another way to phrase this is "let me seal liquids in barrels to extend their preservation time in a manner similar to sealing crocks". Right now there's not really a good form of long-term liquid preservation.
Not that there needs to be at this moment, but it's going to be very welcome if/when alcohol and other drinks are added.

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Not sure.  To be honest I don't have direct experience with milk yet, and commenting only from watching youtubers/streamers show that there isn't spoilage of milk in their game play.

[edit] - Is curdled milk the precursor for "converting" it to cheese?

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I've made cheese! So milk does indeed spoil over time, but that's not how you make cheese. I've never let milk spoil, but presumably it'll just become rot or something. Notably, milk in buckets does not spoil, only milk in barrels, if you liter your base with bucket you can store immortal milk. (or, at least, I assume this because a bucket of milk does not show a spoil timer)

To make cheese you seal a full barrel of milk (5 buckets) with 2 pickled veggies for 5 days and THAT makes curdled milk.  
Then you add some salt and seal for a day and that makes cottage cheese.
Then you gather the cheese in a linen square (twice from a full barrel) and put it on the ground, and use a stick to squeeze it into a cheese wheel.
      (NOTE: the in-game guide doesn't tell you this step, I had to read the wiki. a Proper cheese guide really should be patched in...)
Then you salt the cheese wheel with R-click
THEN you put the cheese on a shelf to ripen, it takes like, 3 months.
And THATS how you get cheese.

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The expanded foods mod just added yogurt yesterday! I'm excited.

[Edit] Oh wait, it's you! thankyou so much for the amazing mod! Out of the 30+ I play with, expanded foods is what really MAKES the game for me.

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