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Is there a single player option for this game?


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So I've some discussion on DRM on online play but I could not discern from that whether or not there is an actual single play mode for this game.  If I am forced to play on a server with or without other people I don't want this game.  I am truly sick of having multi-player on-line everything ruling the game world.  I play games to get away from people and I live in a rural area so I'm not always guaranteed internet access.  So, can I play this locally by myself or no?  The game looks interesting but no single player is a deal breaker.

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What made you think that you are forced to play on an online server at all times? Because there is no such thing in Vintage Story, and if anyone told you otherwise, they were either pulling your leg or didn't know what they were talking about. I mean, technically, under the hood the game will still launch a server thread to host your singleplayer session, but this "server" runs entirely local on your machine.

The only thing you need an internet connection for is authenticating your client with the VS auth servers on client startup.

As long as you have a live internet connection, this authentication process is performed every time you start the client, and is used for minor updates like popping in notifications about new version releases or swapping out the main menu background for a new one every now and again (community screenshots are used for it). It is, however, entirely optional. As long as you have successfully authenticated at least once, the client will remember your session and launch even without an internet connection. You will obviously not be able to join an online server in such a case, but singleplayer worlds will work the same as always.


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