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  1. Where will I find the fixed file? As far as I can see that command did nothing...
  2. As I was exploring a new area in my 100-game-hour world, my computer crashed. While that alone is a common occurance (shoutout to my 10-year-old laptop), this time my game world got corrupted and won't restart. Any way to fix this?
  3. I have definetly waited longer than three minutes. Is there any way to fix this? I really would like to use this translocator since it is pretty close to base
  4. How long does that link-finding usually take?
  5. Yes, it does say "warping spacetime...". I thought that means it is ready to go...
  6. So I found and repaired a static translocator, but when I step on the square it doesn't teleport me anywhere. Game version is 1.12.8. Any suggestions?
  7. Also, does the 7 block range mean 2D horizontally (7 block circle) or 3D horizontally and vertically (7 block sphere)?
  8. So I found bees (not a beehive, it is a tree where I hear and see bees, but no visible beehive) and I'm trying to move them to a skep. Questions: 1. Do they have to build a hive before they move to the skep? I found a similar tree before (hear and see bees, but no beehive) and I tried to find the beehive in the tree, so I carefully removed the leaves and I'm pretty sure I never selected a beehive, but suddenly after breaking some leaves, the leaves dropped honeycomb and I got stung. 2. Do I have to be present (as in the bee chunk is loaded) for the bees to move to the skep? Or does the game compute a time when the bees would have moved and when I return (the bee chunk gets loaded again) the bees will have moved? (and yes, I placed the skep close to the tree and planted a bunch of flowers)
  9. Currently, resin is a pretty useless item as it is only used to craft one type of armor. Are there any other applications planned? Maybe as a substitute for fat in oil lamps or sealing crockpots?
  10. @Infern true, but it wouldn't hurt the game to have a native sloped roof block. Especially since most larger buildings need a ton of roof blocks.
  11. I would love to see proper slope-shaped roof blocks. The stair-shaped ones always look so blocky. I like that you already added shingles, I always missed them in minecraft. An additional thatched roof or Wooden Roof block would also be great. Not every building needs a shingled roof. Recipe suggestions: Thatched Roof Shingled Roof Wooden Roof Reed Shingle Firewood Stick Reed Board Shingle Stick Firewood Stick Stick Reed Board Board Shingle Stick Stick Firewood
  12. Maybe a mule, which could carry additional backpacks.
  13. Another thing that just popped into my head: I like building walls with slabs. Problem is, you can't attach anything to it. Why not make a "half shelf, half slab"-block?
  14. The problem: I do not like the way stacked chests (in the world, not your inventory) look. But it is obvious that we need a mass storing system, so why not make it look good. The solution: Make either hand baskets or reed baskets placeable in shelves! Either two reed baskets or four hand baskets per shelf block. Chests could be used for the bottom layer of your storage room and the walls are full of shelves with baskets. Bonus: Reed will still be useful for end game content (apart from bees, that is)
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