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World Height


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If you play with the default 256 setting, then up at height coordinate 256, there will be a block placement limit. You simply will not be able to place blocks there anymore. That is the world ceiling. Similarly, if you dig all the way down to height coordinate 1, you will encounter a bottom layer that cannot be broken in any way. That is the world floor.

Changing this setting changes how far apart the world floor and the world ceiling are. If you increase it all the way to 1024, then there will be a whole kilometer of distance between floor and ceiling, allowing for truly gigantic builds (like a 1:1 scale reproduction of the Burj Khalifa). That is more of a thing for creative mode, though. It's not such a good idea to do this in survival, due to the way the world generates.

A lot of the additional height will go underground - that is, the sea level will rise a lot, and all the terrain with it. Normally you have roughly 100 blocks between the surface and the world floor. On very high world height settings, this can be 300-400 blocks and maybe even more. That also means that it takes you four times as long, and consumes four times as much tool durability, to dig all the way down while searching for ore. And while we're on the topic of ore: if the terrain as a whole is higher, then there is just that much more volume underground, and the same amount of ore spawning in a much greater volume will make that ore much more difficult to find on average. This can be mitigated by configuring a higher ore spawn rate, if necessary, but you should keep it in mind in any case.

Aboveground, the terrain generation will be stretched vertically. Things will become taller, but not wider, which will make all slopes steeper.

Perhaps a future update will change the world generation to work differently with world height scaling. But it appears fairly far down the dev priority list at the moment.


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