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Screwpress Suggestions


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I heard that there's going to be a screwpress in 1.15, and having worked with one in Expanded Foods, I have a couple of suggestions that I've arrived at through people's feedback:

  • It should be able to turn 1 input into 2 outputs, a solid and a liquid. If I crush berries I should get juice and crushed berries, which are nutritionally useless but good for compost or luring animals or making paints or whatever. This is probably them most important suggestion. It opens up a lot of options. You could even use it to press wood pulp into paper!
  • There should be a large version that can crush many stacks of items at a time - an industrial press? It should be compatible with chutes and hoppers at this point.
  • People will use any and every kind of container possible to draw liquids from it, even if it doesn't make sense. Just an FYI.

If anyone else has ideas they can post them, too.

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