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Model Creator feature request


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There are some things I'm in dire need right now:

-First and foremost I need orthogonal view for more precision viewing/moving

-The ability to change parent/child interactions in the object tree.

-Being able to import other shape files (For reference, for example)


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It would be cool to be able to import multiple shapes and combine them.

Also, drag and drop child objects in the object tree. With the ability to copy and past child.With a complex model that would help to duplicate sides.


P.S. If I understand correctly how the tool works. Pretty sure I am wrong, but at least if someone corrects me I will learn something.

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- Right now when exporting a texture map, and automatic transparency is applied.  This transparency is way lighter than I'd like.  It's very hard to see the shapes against a busy texture.  Please have the texture maps exported as solid colors.  It's a trivial matter to apply transparency to the layer in any decent image editor, so let the user pick how transparent they want the map to be via their image editor, please.

- In the faces tab, an option to copy an image to all faces on a block at once, rather than having to go face-by-face and copy-paste it.

- The ability to rearrange the box order would indeed be great, no only to change parent-child relationship, but just better keep things organized.  This would also allow you to do something like remove child parts you want to keep, and delete the parent.  Right now if you delete a parent, you also delete all the children, which can lose you a lot of work.

- Ability to animate static objects.


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10 hours ago, redram said:

- In the faces tab, an option to copy an image to all faces on a block at once, rather than having to go face-by-face and copy-paste it.

That's already a feature, you can shift-click Copy and then shift click Paste to do that once you apply a texture. Don't worry, I didn't know about it either until about a week ago.

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Another thing I need in the editor is toggling object visibility, or a wireframe mode... It's hard to use objects for size reference otherwise



Didn't want to bump this without a reason, but after some brainstorming:

-The ability to move a rotated object along global coords, instead of just relative (rotated) coords (Aka let me move a rotated objects 2 points along the global X, not 2 points along the relative X) 


^ If I want to move the whole damned thing along the W/E line, I need to play against the object's XYZ coordinates

-A way to scale/resize an entire object or parent with children (So if something ends up being too big, I can shrink it in one move)

-Swap the default CTRL voxel move behavior - Make the origin point move along with a voxel by default

-A wireframe mode or toggling object visibility so I can use something for size reference

-Fix texture import behaviur - An ability to delete imported textures, and being able to have multiple textures with the same name. Right now, if you have multiple instances of a texture by the same name, but in a different location, they won't import. 

-Change default texture import behavior - Apply texture to the entire voxel, or better yet, give us an optional tick box to choose between individual face or entire object

-A way to have texture layering, so I can test out outfits without having to boot up the game, or combine multiple clothing items into one texture with the player texture. This could be also useful for testing out several different texture variants for mobs


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