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Hares keep getting into my garden

Mary Bones
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Afternoon, everyone. Been enjoying this game since last year but I'll get right to the point. I was lucky enough to find some terra preta while out exploring, so I figured now would be as good a time as any to start up my garden. I built a dry stone fence around some space near my cottage (plus another nearby for animals) and planted some flax there, but now I'm running into a problem: Despite being completely fenced in, hares keep appearing in my garden and eating my crops.

I've attached a couple screenshots of my garden below for anyone who cares to take a look. My best guess is all the blank space for grass to grow is what allows the hares to spawn; I dug out some channels to put water in, once I've got planks to make buckets, plus I just don't have enough terra preta to fill out all the farmland I want just yet. I'm not sure, though, so I wanted to see if anyone can tell what the problem is. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Oh, right, I forgot to mention that I'm playing on v1.15.0-rc.4, in case that's relevant.



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Yes they may appear on the grass that spawn inside the fence. To prevent this, I manage to minimize the grass blocks. The water channel is under the fence (not inside), so the terra preta can touch the fence. And if, for some reason, I still have (because work in progress, or so ...) grass blocks, I put a flower on them, so the grass can't spawn. I even have a daily look on the fallow farmlands, because grass or horsetail sometimes spawns on them.

Sometimes they jump from the outside, with the help of a misplaced soil block, or chest. Better have a flat land outside the garden.

Last little advice : you should not have a shared wall with your house. The world is wide enough to put your gardens and your animals a dozen blocks away. In your case, it seems not to be the origin of the problem, but mobs have sometimes efficiently pathfinding that I underestimate. Moreover, it's difficult when you want to resize the house or the garden (don't forget a farmland is destroyed when moving, so terra preta must be carrefully placed).

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