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Crucible Removal While Smelting

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While smelting 'Copper Ore Bits' in the 'Crucible', I double clicked the 'Crucible' to pull it out and wait to do smelting. Upon double clicking the 'Crucible', it was sent to my inventory, but all the 'Copper Ore Bits' inside disappeared and I cannot recover.

Likely a simple fix adding a command to check the 'Crucible' inventory before it actually removes it and removing anything inside before it continues normal command routine to remove the 'Crucible' itself. I am not sure if the 'Crucible' was meant to retain its inventory upon being removed and placed back or if it was supposed to remove its inventory.

I have not tested this with anything else like cooking food, but I'm sure its worth looking into.

Hope this is a bug you can recreate yourselves and fix. Thank you for your time.

Keep up the great work! Great game overall! I look forward to future updates.


PS. Feel free to message me for more details/specifics if necessary.

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When you take the crucible out of the firepit before the contents melt, the contents will spill out onto the floor. Depending on how your firepit is built/situated, you may not see this.

Just like all other items, if these bits are not picked up within 10 minutes, they will despawn.

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