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The Homesteading update, stable patch #1 (v1.15.2)


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Dear Community
v1.15.2, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

This release fixes a few major issues, mostly related to multiplayer.

Hnefatafl game. Screenshot by TechRabbit

Game updates

  • Tweak: Various small improvements on the handbook
    • Small additional margin added between created by etc. mechanisms if an item was drawn
    • Consistent spelling of "firepit" and other minor textual improvements
    • Fixed missing handbook explanations (created by/yields) for baked goods
    • Fixed missing handbook drop source for bellpepper
  • Tweak: Wind force pushing now disabled by default. We'll revisit this one in a future version. (Enable via /worldconfigcreate bool windAffectedEntityMovement true)
  • Tweak: Mitigate entity spawning issues on ungraceful server exit (don't add them to chunk if there are duplicate entity ids)
  • Tweak: Improved feedback to clients when the game server player auth check fails
  • Fixed: Iron dupe bug (iron bits yielded 100 units)
  • Fixed: Some typos in the translations + updated mods links to the new modhub
  • Fixed: Decent chance to fix a crash in the lighting engine (chunk data packing race condition)
  • Fixed: Should fix a crash during autosave (likely due to the snow accum system writing while saving)
  • Fixed: Two extremely slow but accumulative server performance leaks (leaf block decay queue not processed fast enough, region weather system weather snapshots probably not correctly saved to disk)
  • Fixed: Privilege escalation issue on game servers. I recommend all server owners to update to 1.15.2 as soon as possible.
  • Fixed: Improved SRV record lookup (forgot to read out the target, better logging)
  • Fixed: Rare chiselled block client-side crash for certain source materials: Github #1195
  • Api feature: Added new server events sapi.Event.ServerSuspend and sapi.Event.ServerResume. Use it to pause a thread when the server should pause. This is important to prevent race conditions during autosave
  • Api tweak: Made a few fields and methods public
  • Api fixed: Version comparison did not differentiate between stable and rc o.O
  • Server/Api fixed: Major block derpiness when used block ids exceed 65535


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I'm not sure if it's just me, but this update and last update both made it to where I couldn't see my mods in the mod manager despite having the .zip files in the right location. Did something change to where I have to unzip them, or are they supposed to be in a different folder than AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\Mods now?

Please and thank you in advance!

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Reminder :

-Missing stone bricks and drystone recipe of Kimberlite, Halite,  Suevite and all 3 marbles types.

-the New tapestries do not spawn in new ruins/chunk of 1.15

-Wondering if past tapestries will be sold by the artisan or not?

-Incubation of hens with 3 eggs in henbox keeps resetting. I have a 9x9 area with 6 henboxes on the ground for 8-10 possible hens. They all gen15+ and sometimes wont brood in the hen box and sit 2 blocks away. I believe it has to reset when chunk isnt loaded it seems.

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