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Detonate-Explosive choices.


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Adds new explosives to the game, currently adds- the blasting barrel, rock blasting bomb, and the shrapnel bomb.

Also adds the alternate blasting powder recipes merged from my craftables mod, now the amount of blasting powder you get is determined by the quality of "coal/charcoal" you use. So using anthracite will give you much more powder per recipe than just using charcoal. Also adds the ability for you to use rot in place of sulfur for a reduced powder output.

Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon


The shrapnel bomb is a niche use damaging explosive with the same damage radius as the blasting barrel, it deals 30 damage point blank and about 15 damage to things at least 5 ish blocks near the detonation site then falls off from there. It deals damage based on line of sight so cover is very effective.



The rock blasting bomb is the inverse to the ore blasting bomb, meaning it breaks rock rather effectively,  breaks soil and wood less so and cannot destroy ores. It has the same explosion radius as the ore blasting bomb.



The blasting barrel is a huge explosive designed to carve out massive chunks of rock, its similar in every way to the rock blasting bomb in that it cannot break ores, but it has a power of about 5x comparatively.



Rock blasting bomb compared to the blasting barrel by crater size:



Download on the mod DB:


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Today I logged in my server and for some reason the explosives stopped working and they dont destroy blocks but do drop stones and other resources, could I get some assistance to find out why ?

Screenshot 2022-02-21 214119.png

postnote- It started working again randomly, seems to be fixed for now.

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