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v1.9.6 Darkagecraft Modpack

tony Liberatto

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Making this Modpack available here to all players:
It includes all the mods used in the Darkagecraft server. But you can download and use it in your single player:
Mods Included in the Pack:
CarryCapacity:  By copygirl. It adds the capability to carry Chests in your back.
Clientplus: By Milo. It adds on the Chat commands when in Multiplayer and gives you an audible sound when someone messages in the server.

BrickByBrick: By Stroam. It adds a lot of building blocks and decoration blocks, pay attention to his nice road building blocks and the Lamp Post blocks, they are really nice.
Earthworks: By MarcAFK. It adds red and brown clay beautiful in the world.
The Neolithic Mod: This is a collaborative effort: By Balduranne, Tyron, Stroam, Milo, copygirl, Elwood, Novocain, and Tony Liberatto. It adds a new dimension to how hunting and butchering animals work, also it adds new plants, animals blocks tools, and weapons.

Download Here: https://github.com/TonyLiberatto/Darkagecraft-Modpack

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I know this modpack is very outdated and sadly I never got the opportunity to try it out, but I'm curious whether anyone out there had the privilege of using it when it was in its prime.  I'm most curious about the Neolithic Mod and the Totems Mod.  I've looked at some of the source code and it all looks impressive, but it's hard to draw conclusions based on that alone.

Is there anything in these mods that you sorely miss?  Is anyone involved in these mods interested in a revival of sorts?   I'd love to hear a little more about the direction of this project and/or players impressions of this modpack. 

Thanks in advance!

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