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A Couple of Questions About Traders

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1.) I watched a VS series from Ashantin on YTube, where she killed a trader, because he was trapped between some blocks and his cart. Trader never came back....  :(

2.) No, the traders are just pissed, when you hit them with an item in your hand, especially hard punching with feathers is a personal insult to the males of them! :D But they are TRADERS, so they want to do business, therefor they accept a little punching here and then, and will forget about it a little later.

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1. Don't know what the answer was back when this was asked, but they respawn in 24-72 hours now.

6 hours ago, Gerard_ said:

Where are the lines of text with questions to Traders located in the game files? I would like to translate them but I am unable to locate the lines that would correspond to these texts. Is anyone able to help?


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