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Homesteading balance and stability patch #4 (v1.15.7-rc.1)


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Dear Homesteaders
v1.15.7-rc.1, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

Version 1.15.6 caused a bit of an imbalance with drifter spawn and we also continued improving server side performance. Please be aware, some of our changes might break things, so we're releasing it as unstable first. 

Shared by Thranos on Discord


Game updates

  • Feature: Varying surface & deep drifter spawns. The environment dialog (opened via C) now displays "rift activity". It is an indicator of the spawn cap for surface and deep drifters. (more drifter related updates will come in v1.16)
  • Feature: All wearable Bags are now placeable (thanks, Cral)
  • Tweak: Significantly improved server performance by fixing multiple server-side lag spike sources
    • Optimized AI path finding
    • Significantly improved RoomRegistry search algorithm performance
    • Optimized update checks on berry bushes, farmland and similar blocks
    • Fix potential lag sources in the entity spawner
    • Optimized entity weight simulation (what showed up as bh-harvestable in the profiler)
    • Reduced Waypoints autosave time by >70% (350ms => 70ms on TOPTS)
  • Tweak: Updated trader buying/selling lists (added rutile vessel, increased buying price of tools and lanterns, reduced buying price of some raw materials, other smaller tweaks)
  • Tweak: List handbook guides first, and item stacks after
  • Tweak: Removed quiver from handbook
  • Tweak: Update language files
  • Fixed: Major crash on Mudwall (technical info: Crashed due to a no longer existing decor block. Maybe bug in the remapper, not sure)
  • Fixed: Music not playing in wilderness survival
  • Fixed: Crash in Rhonens mod due to empty VAO
  • Fixed: Being able to see through the world on snowed over stairs
  • Fixed: Floating layer of snow appearing when standing inside a snowed over vertical slab
  • Fixed: Game crashing if a bucket contains an invalid item
  • Fixed: Breaking a dead pumpkin crop threw an exception and kicked players as a result
  • Fixed: Should fix seraphs randomly glowing and emitting light
  • Api Tweak: Added [JsonIgnore] to some Vec3d getter properties


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