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  1. Drifters won't spawn on you if you light you base enough with torches. You can biuild first dirt base above some water source and pan sand/gravel at night, getting your first copper nuggets, because sleeping still takes away hunger that way not efficient way to start a game. Surface drifters are not most lethal threat you could face in this game. Wait till you meet wolfes and learn that water is your friend. Like others said, you can change settings for world you create making mobs passive. I think it is fine, while you learn game, but IMO if you take that part off from the game, there woul
  2. As much i love this game, i am a bit worried about the point you make too. My kids love minecraft and i bought them this game too. They are only ready to play this game in Creative or at least with full equipment already gifted to them. But even then they lost intrest too quickly. I won't even speak about falling in caves which is like magnet for them. Game is too harsh on new players and doesn't give any relief later unless you are ready to grind much for good armor, which slows you down and makes healing worse. As i said i love this game at it's current state myself and wish only best
  3. I get the idea, but i don't see reasoning for this suggestion. I have played Minecraft and also Vintage story now for some time... I wouldn't say Minecraft is too different in terms of cave systems (especially with new Minecraft cave update) although there are some differences in the way caves are generated. Also keep in mind this game is still in progress - so many things may come later here. But exploring caves in Vintage story are more dangerous because of possibility to fall straight down many times and temporal instability. Ambient music in caves add great feeling of danger t
  4. Good luck on whole youtube thing, I will subscribe just to help. As you mention in your first video, this game isn't for all, as it's challenging and grindy at first, which scares away many potential players. But i hope youtubers like you and also developers making game more forgiving to new players, will help this game to become more popular. Keep up and be patient on gaining subs!
  5. Haven't tried this mod, but i love to see things you offer for this game. New threats maybe wouldn't be suitable for single player, but such things i would sure wan't to see on multiplayer server, thus making players to cooperate more.
  6. This is great game! Just be strong and don't get upset with first steps till you get to first cattails, dirt base and clay, thus having storage and much reliable food source. Then more pleasant game experience starts!
  7. While there is no breathing restrictions in water in this game, you can use digging straight down in some water (usually suspicious pits underwater or in puddles). Mark place befoe digging down so you could see all places you have explored. Also it would help you get up if you find any cave and start exploring it after You will get down while using space button to keep you swimming in water and eventually get into some iron (or other metal) vein or straight into some cave too if lucky.. And those veins are usually big! That way you won't need so much sticks, Once you get to some vein, dig
  8. As mentioned above having fixed clothes using linen is the key. Other than that, its better to put long distance travels to other seasons, meanwhile focus on other things and explore nearby caves and maybe find translocator which would bring you more south - that way you will have some area for "vacations" . I am playing on multiplayer server where time goes on if other players are online and i am not, so i haven't experienced long winters myself (Logging in after some time has already spring coming).That helps with cold, but makes things worse with food spoiling. But if i would play
  9. Oh. Yea. Was strange i had that so deep. Probably was digging near to other side of planet.
  10. I was digging under some pond and at certain level saw water bubbles (particles) becoming green. Havent found any topic on this as well as some explanation for that. Don't have footage for that myself, but you can see this thing in this video at 7:04:55. (Warning: Some uncensored russian words in video) https://youtu.be/8wAfDZ2GHrY?t=25494 Anyone have seen this and have some explanation for that?
  11. Birch sap could also be an option. But that would be more necessary if thirst is added into game.
  12. I you hear/see Racoons its a sign bees might be near as they love they honey. Not really much to say about finding bees. You need to find trees - birch or maple more possible, than pine or oak. Increase your sound levels and simply listen for them.
  13. You should check official discord of the game. One of the latest posts i devlog section actually shows something like this.
  14. Anyone has video of these mobs? I know how they look, but would be cool to see how some content creator dealt with them. I follow VS content on youtube as much as i can, but have not seen any video of someone fighting them. Havent met them myself yet.
  15. Can't try that myself right now, but using CRTL+scroll you can move to bags in quicbar and they show up in hands. Nevert tried to put them down though.
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