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Luvva Cake, make Empty Crocks stack


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Empty buckets stack, why don't empty crocks?  Rearranging a big storage cellar is soooooooooooooooo tedious!  X_X

Also, could we have half-shelves?  My cellar would look so much better with the top-half of a shelf on the eye-level block, and the bottom-half of a shelf on the next block up (with a storage vessel on the floor below).

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And can we have shelfs, that are half in horizontal directions with only one item slot in depth (4 in sum, instead of 8)?

Whenever I place a shelf higher than one block above the ground, I can't see the item in the back anyway. Makes no sense for decoration purposes.

And is there a way to empty a crock with spoiled food, without having to eat it? Dumping food seems quite basic, but I don't know how. Why can't I wash a bowl, unless it contains only rott?

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