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Animal Aggression


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Hey everybody!

So I’m finding that my wild-caught animals remain aggressive towards me (it seems) indefinitely. No matter how much game time has passed, they always want to attack me.

When you come across a wild ewe, they are not aggressive unless you attack them or a nearby ram, no matter how close I get to them. The same is true of sows. Having punched my sheep and pigs to get them into their pens, they are always aggressive towards me now. 

Is this intentional? Or is this a bug? I would think after so long they would go back to being neutral, especially since I’ve been feeding and breeding them. Any insight into this would be appreciated! 

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To quote the wiki:

"...boars (and sometimes sows) will attack players when in close range but will become passive after 10 generations."

"...male sheep (and sometimes the females) always attack players when in close range, but they will stop doing so after 10 generations of breeding."

The only domesticatable animal that will guaranteed not attack you are chickens. If your animals are just occasionally attacking you when you get too close, it is likely an intended feature. If your animals are constantly trying to attack you (i.e. chasing you), then it is likely a bug. "Neutral" animals, by definition, do not chase unless attacked as well. They may attack if you do not respect their space, but if they are not actively chasing you then they are still in a "neutral" state. An animal is only "aggressive" when it is actively pursuing you in an attempt to harm you (e.g. wolves, a provoked ram/boar, or a rooster that has decided to attack).


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Not sure if this bit of info is of any use here.. But at one point in the discord chat someone mentioned that animals that can retaliate after being hurt, will seek out the nearest player to get revenge. Even if they fell down from a certain height, or a different animal accidentally hurt them for whatever reason, they will try to get revenge on YOU whenever they see you. The "I hurt myself.. I blame YOU" phenomenon.

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