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Moss disappearing

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13 minutes ago, junawood said:

@TyronThanks for answering! ❤️ Yay, I'm relieved it's not intentional. :D Now I just hope you find time to work on it someday. The moss is really great for decorating structures like dungeons.

Yea, sorry for not replying to your DMS yet, they are very large and I didn't find the time to read them fully.

Did a quick test with the moss - placed some then reloaded the world. All seemed to stay. Do you have a reproducable case where the moss disappears?


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@Tyron😅 Yeah, sorry, I didn't want to make you dread my DMs because they're so long! 😆 But I also don't want to bombard you with 500 separate posts and be the 100th person sending you the same bug info after an update, so I try to wait to see if things get sorted out after a while anyway, and just collect stuff for a while and check those things again before I send the rest to you. And I try to hopefully explain everything well enough so you don't have to waste time asking what the heck I'm talking about. ^^

The moss... It's just a few of the patches of moss around the entrance (the one you can see in the screenshot) that disappeared over time, or maybe I just didn't notice others disappearing as well. That's what made me think it might be a problem of "too much sunlight" or low fertility soil or whatever. I built that structure in this stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1191526178

At 3:13:13 you can see there's moss on two sides of those soil blocks on the ground, then I do some other stuff, turn around at 3:13:55 and three of those moss patches are gone. You can even see them disappearing at 3:13:51/52. At 3:19:25 the moss under the left block above the entrance is also gone. Then at 3:24:05 the moss on the front side of the left block on the ground is gone. And I think some more disappeared later and I replaced some with barnacles.

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