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In order for the mod to work normally in zip form, you need to compress not the folder itself, but go into it, select all the files and compress. Otherwise, you have a folder with the name of the mod inside the mod zip file, and the mod itself is already in it, this should not be

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This is just absolutely amazing! I loaded up a world just to see some of the things, and everything I have seen so far is incredible. The fish actually have the ability to ascend and descend in the water and stay in water for the most part, and your dungeon design is spectacular. And the boss totally blew my mind. I won't talk about it much here so that I don't spoil, but when I heard its music my jaw dropped. And it had so many cool attack patterns and effects as well. There are definitely some bugs, some of the fish, like the shark are invisible, and the boss music and temporal drain effect never wear off if you die and not kill the boss. But overall I am blown away by what you have accomplished!

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Hi, please spawn the boss only with the eternityaltar, otherwise it might bug and cant do all attacks :)

Thanks for the feedback, @jakecool19 :), but the music was a little bit buggi in the release x D, because i tested it and forgot to set the music-repeat-value back, and the music started every 10 seconds again. Now i fxed that, but if you die, and the boss despawns, the music still plays to end, because i dont know, how to fix that :/ 

But now you can enjoy it without bugs (and thank you for not spoiling here :) )

New features in the new update:

  -from normal wooden buckets you can craft fishbuckets

  -use it on a fish (not a shark, because it is too big xD), and you will get the fish in the bucket

  -you can release the fish, whereever you want, just shift and left-click

  -the fish should not despawn then

  -you can craft the fishbucket back to a normal bucket

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9 hours ago, Vintagebob said:

Yes, i will make a new update for the mod, but now i havent enougth time to code it :/

But I defenetly will :)

Huge request to remove everywhere from the names of letters that are not from English
They cause problems and a number of blocks and textures simply do not load on people.

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