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Cathedral Facade is finally complete! Time to show it off!


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Screenshots are huge, like over 10 MB each, so they're on my Google Drive. I shrunk one shot down for a preview.

(Night) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wJwNbsV-t6D7S8ZdV5njiM7_iQuQgxRj/view?usp=sharing

Making the model was a fun new and unique challenge!

Once finished I'll record a special video showing it inside and out. I could not have done it without my Angel Belt mod, so whatever you may think of it, it really helps keep me building and sculpting efficiently. 


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1 hour ago, l33tmaan said:

This was done in creative mode... right?

I'd say that's done in survival.
The angel belt mod only comes in handy for these builds if you're in survival.
Creative flight makes the belt obsolete, so I'm basing that thought off of that info.
Needless to say, that's seriously dope man.
I respect the dedication and creativity.

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