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I didn't find a previous post on this so:

  1. Fishing as a mini-game is a great way to extend the play life of a survival/sim game (for me at least)  I love seeing what I can catch in different ponds and biomes 
  2. fish are a great early game, non-scary way to get protein
  3. fish traps, weirs, poles and nets would all add to the immersive feel of the game, primitive skills can create fish farms and managing a fishery is interesting and challenging
  4. It would add some use for the lovely ponds scattered everywhere (other than farming and water) (what about turtles and frogs too?)
  5. streams! could add special awesome fish (trout) and maybe a flyfishing mechanic?  maybe just a few flies rather than a fully stocked inventory of flies adding mayflies (or other inverts)  as an indicator of where fish are would be super cool
  6. Entities? the programming in this language is less resource hungry for sure but I wouldn't want to cause entity induced lag so I understand if these ideas are unreasonable.


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