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what should be implemented (ihmo) in the game and wiki

Alessandro De Col

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if is already in plan or someone else say it already...sorry, also dont take me wrong i'm not so arrogant to belive i'm right, the follows are just what I WOULD like to see in the game. i'm quite open to critics so if you think i'm sayng something stupid, pls let me know!

i'll start with the game. Sorry i'm an "itemized list" kinda a guy

-Pick up range. its really too short

-Having a compass or be able to craft one. yes we already got the minimap but a compass would be nice

-map marker. i saw once in a very old game called land of lore 3..you just have colored marker to use on the map, is amazing to track resources

-clock: yes i'd like to know what time is it in game (it has not to be already there, it could also be craft)

-DEATH marker...i just...i just cant find my body !!! I get lost...SO lost. A marker that says where i was eaten up(yup...usually is a sneaky wolf) it would be a life saver...not litterally ofc

-Wolf/yena aggro time should be shortned..they just chase me for half of the map..c'on!

-Wolf damage output...pls nerft it a little.  9 hp with one bite? is almost half of my usless life...

-health regen mechanic. Dont take me wrong, you wanted to be difficult? ok!  but since berries (my only life regen tool so far) are quite slow to grow back, usually when i'm badly injured(under 50% life) my better and faster solution is to drop all my stuff in a safe spot and than suicide. i'll just respawn FULL health. a little run to my house and i'm ready to go again!  with even SLOoooW regen mechanics i'd probably choose to stay alive and do something safer until i feel healty again.

-oxigen. i can actually stay underwater forever

-About water. torch funcion underwater, they should not.

-Grid crafting is fun...but a little too slow. 

-Monsters: i love em they should be more kind! but  they  also should give you some drop. it is ok also if is a RARE drop. it feel just pointless fighting them whatoever. (they need some make up too...what are they???)

-still about monsters... i love creepy and horror storyes! So may i SUGGEST: a monster that will not harm you ? His only pourpose will be to scary the ***** out of you. But this is just MY personal taste, dont take it too seriously (but i'll love you if you do ^^)

-Can we change spawnpoint in game? like every time you sleep in a bed, THATS will be your new spanwpoint? i know  i'm not original :(

-Better use of water echosistem. water is ALWAYS left behind in games.. but water is rich of treasure!, is deep, is dangerous. One can implement fishing, dangerous swimming creatures, quick sands, boat to cross deep water etc etc.. water is an hard place to explore, but it could be awesome (try aquaria for some inspiration, i really love that game)


 lets start with the wiki, what page and informations HAVE to be added (this time these are NOT  just suggestions) pls note that for one that already have played this kind of game some of this thing are quite intuitive, but for one that have never done it is not obvious

-Entity page: what are the entitys in the game? the animals, the monsters, theyr attribute and AI, how they work? what they drop? where you can find em usually?

-enviroment: the wolrd always generate the same kind of biomes? what are they?

-basic player information: health bar. how it work? how to lose or regain health? etc/ same for hunger 

-combat : damage, crafting weapon, range etc

-World information: day and night transiction. wheater etc

-crafting recepies: all of them with ipertextual link to the resouces/ crafting station needed


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Thanks for the suggestions

Drifters drop a gear which allows you to set your spawn point.

There's already an entity page on the wiki. In fact there's a navigation bar at the bottom of almost every page that links to it.

The biomes aren't set biomes. Plants and animals have generation conditions set to humidity and temperature. So biomes emerge based on that.

There's a starter guide that goes over progression, several crafting pages and tool pages that go over tool stats.

There's no weather yet.

There's a page with all the grid crafting recipes. We are working on the others.

If you are having issues finding things on the wiki please let us know how we could improve navigation. Thanks

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