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HOW do i exactly use the Prospector pick ?

Alessandro De Col

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30 minutes ago, Alessandro De Col said:

also...what i use sulfurus for? i cant find it on the wiki and i've found a lot!

sulufur is used to make blasting powder,  which is used to make ore bombs.  Also, in the most recent 1.7 update it will be used to make healing poultices.


31 minutes ago, Alessandro De Col said:

ok, so if i get it straight, i've to use it on raw rock to understande how many chances i have to find said minerals in that area right?

Basically yes.  It's more useful to think of it as relative density.  If your propick finds no sample of a given mineral, there is only a very tiny chance you might happen upon it.  The most useful ways to use the percentages are to zero in on the densest part of the ore field, or before you go in a cave, to get an idea what you might find down there.  Things like coal and copper have pretty large deposits, so even a 'low' chance is a decent chance for it to show up.  But things like tin and bismuth, probably not worth trying to blind-mine for it if the density is below moderate.  I usually don't blind-mine for those unless I find a high or better density.

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