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Farm strategies

Sparkle Kitti

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Farmland immediately adjacent to water should be around 75% moisture, barring rainfall. One block away it'll drop to 50%, two blocks away 25%, and three blocks away won't irrigate at all anymore. Higher than 75% moisture is only achievable with rainfall or manual watering.

Ergo, water irrigates three blocks of farmland deep, if increasingly worse with distance. You could make a layout like one row of water, six rows of farmland, one row of water, six rows of farmland, and so on. Alternatively, you could do only four rows of farmland each time, if you don't want the middle rows to sit at 25% moisture.

Some notes on moisture:

- Farmland updates very slowly. You won't actually see the moisture level hover at the mentioned breakpoints. Rather, it'll drain well below that, and eventually, perhaps once per ingame day or so, bounce back up.
- Crops grow at any moisture level over 0%. The only thing moisture influences is growth speed. Lower moisture levels will lead to crops growing more slowly, but they won't die on you.

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